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Unforgettable Farm

Crowing roosters, nibbling goats and buzzing honeybees: Fritz and Jim Mitnick's farm in suburban Indiana Township is truly peaceful-but far from quiet.

Home Sweet Dome

For a half-century, Pittsburgh’s iconic Mellon Arena, an engineering marvel and shining symbol of the city’s post-war renaissance, has hosted championship teams, all-stars, icons and legends. Now, the landmark is ready for a swan song of its own. Join us for a last look back at life under the dome we called home.

Giving New Life

At the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, some of the world’s best researchers are developing technologies to rebuild our nation’s wounded warriors and are healing incurable ailments. Discoveries made here will soon help benefit the civilian population as well.

Great Trees

Great Trees are part of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods and also part of our region’s rich and diverse heritage. Just imagine the history a 300-year-old oak tree has witnessed in its lifetime—and the history that is yet to be made. Trees beautify our cityscapes, cool our environment and clean the air we breathe. We honor them each spring on Arbor Day and seek refuge beneath their branches in a rainstorm. But do we really appreciate our trees? I think we do. I went in search of some of Pittsburgh’s wonderful trees to photograph for this pictorial essay and discovered so much more. Every specimen had a compelling story, lovingly filtered through the lives, words and actions of its current steward. I am merely the conduit for their stories.