Best of the ‘Burgh

Best Pittsburgh Steps Worth the Trek

The city has more than 800 public staircases — the most of any city in the United States, according to a recent City of Pittsburgh assessment. These 45,000 individual steps connect streets, they connect neighborhoods, and they are the primary route for many to get from one point to another through our hilly landscape.

Best Debunkable Pittsburgh Myths

It’s true that the Golden Triangle is uniquely scenic, and it’s also true Pittsburgh has played an outsized role in the nation’s history. But while our pride is justifiable, it also can make locals a bit too gullible, particularly with these stubborn urban myths.

Best Resources in Pittsburgh for Black Creatives

Generating an income by doing something you are passionate about is a fulfilling path that can also be daunting and scary. When looking for capital, space, a network and more, the journey can be a little less daunting if you know where to ask for help — but there is a disproportionate number of helpful resources available specifically for Black creatives. These three organizations help Black creatives be seen, connect and thrive. 

Best Pittsburgh Events to Get All Dressed Up

Working from home has meant fewer opportunities to put together a great outfit. There’s nothing wrong with comfortable leggings or sweatpants — it’s just that hitting the town knowing you look good feels good. Here are some events to remind yourself that you can bravely wear hard pants in public.