Pittsburgh Magazine is the award-winning city magazine serving the leaders and influencers of Western Pennsylvania since 1969. Each monthly issue provides a thoughtful tour of local personalities, art, culture, recreation, dining, politics, history, education, travel, media, business, fashion and style, presented with intelligent storytelling and compelling photography and design.

Like its city magazine brethren around the country, Pittsburgh Magazine combines journalism and reader service to form a unique local genre and a powerful brand that continues to thrive following decades of media reinvention.

A core value of Pittsburgh Magazine is our enduring belief in the value of paid readership. We don’t stack magazines on street corners or at coffee shops. Our readers come to us and are willing to pay for the Pittsburgh Magazine experience. Whether they are subscribers or newsstand buyers, your advertising and sponsorship investment is embraced by brand enthusiasts, in a magazine that is valued and trusted. Through this strong relationship we help advertisers build their businesses, and connect them to the most coveted customers in the city.

Our emphasis on quality extends to our digital footprint, which has expanded dramatically as media consumers seek accuracy and honesty amid a flood of pretenders.

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Betsy Benson

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Advertising Director
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Allie Belich

Advertising Manager
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Stephanie Cravotta

Brand Manager
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Gabrielle Ferguson

Digital Sales Coordinator
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Brian Hyslop

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Richard Cook

Director, Digital Media
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Sean Collier

Associate Editor
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Lauren Davidson

Associate Editor/Weddings Editor
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Hal B. Klein

Associate Editor/Dining Critic
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Jessica Sinichak

HOME Editor
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Chuck Beard

Art Director
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Tyler McFadden

Assistant Designer
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Cristina Holtzer

Social Media Coordinator
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Jesseca Muslin

Content Coordinator
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Caite Miller

Events Coordinator
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Betty Yee Yates

Prepress Manager
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Mary Louise Dattilo

Publishing Office Manager
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