Order a Plaque

Pittsburgh Magazine offers plaques and e-prints to all those honored as a finalist or winner for any of our awards or events  or if you or your organization are featured in any issue of Pittsburgh Magazine. Celebrate your success by hanging these unique Pittsburgh Magazine plaques around your home or place of business:

  • Plaques display you are an active participant in the Pittsburgh community
  • Plaques and awards give credibility to your company with current and future customers
  • Plaques showcase what you do well, as recognized by an industry voice and neutral third party

While other plaque companies may reach out to you about selling plaques featuring our content, the official cover image and magazine materials can only be sold by Pittsburgh Magazine.

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Double Plaque

Plaque Options

Single Plaque: $175

Single Plaque Nov 22

The single plaque includes appropriate cover image and your name or company name.

Double Plaque: $199

Double Plaque 2023

The double plaque includes appropriate cover image and either a feature story or list from the magazine.

Please email Customer Service with questions.