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5 Best Pittsburgh-Area Restaurants of the Global Majority

Liana ManEese founded The Center on Interracial Relationships and is particularly interested in reminding Pittsburghers that our community “is made up of just about every kind of person from every corner of the earth.” “Sometimes we forget that Pittsburgh isn’t just a binary opposition of races, but a smorgasbord of flavors brought here by people sharing their very specific styles of cooking, all full of what we love most about food: the comfort of home and the families that feed us,” she says.

5 Must-Follow Pittsburgh Influencers

Kelly Brennan decided to leave her TV news career in 2017 while pregnant with her second child and says that “mAHm is the best title I’ve ever had.” But to feed her creative side, she launched a motherhood and lifestyle blog to focus on making the mom life easier for other women. is a space for readers to laugh, feel empowered and discover new products and tips/hacks for everyday life. Follow her on Instagram at kelly_brennan_412. Here is who she follows:

5 Pittsburgh-Area Restorations Worth a Second Look

As the magazine’s HOME editor — and an aspirational interior designer — I love a good architectural comeback, any comeback really. I particularly was tickled to include the Kaufman House (which is near my current home in Cranberry) and my hometown of Verona on this year’s list. Where was all this cool stuff when I was growing up there?

5 Best Places to Photograph Pittsburgh (Besides Mt. Washington)

“I’m a lifelong Pittsburgher, and I have been capturing the city in storms, fog, from a helicopter and standing in the rivers for nearly a decade. With nearly 250,000 followers across social media, my goal is to share the ever-evolving, yet always beautiful, Pittsburgh region with as many people as possible. Here are places you can get a stunning photo.”

5 Murals Worth Discovering in Pittsburgh

I will risk any number of traffic patterns and go out of my way to spot the gorgeous, mysterious, building-length mural of the bride on Penn Avenue in Garfield. She inspired me to seek out other pieces of public art everyone should slow down a little for.

5 Best Places to Broaden Your Community

Claudy Pierre is a chef and owner of Arnold’s Coffee & Tea on the North Side and Eminent Hospitality Solutions catering company. But his passion for food is matched by his drive to better his community. He founded The Empowerment Awareness & Training (E.A.T.) Initiative, which aims to lift food insecure communities through hospitality and culinary training programs, cultural workshops and live performance events. These are the events Pierre won’t miss.