My Best of the ‘Burgh: Ken Rice

Well into his third decade as a Pittsburgh television anchor, we wanted to know his favorites in the city he has covered for so long.

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When Ken Rice arrived in Pittsburgh in 1988 to work at WTAE, he never dreamed he would still be in town 35 years later. “The longer I stayed, the more of a hold Pittsburgh took on me,” he says. A native of Chicago, Rice moved to KDKA in 1994. In addition to anchoring live coverage of many breaking stories, Rice also gets a chance to practice his comedy chops when he serves as emcee for the annual “Off The Record” benefit, an event where local journalists and actors take satirical aim at the city’s movers and shakers for charity. We wanted to know:
What is Ken Rice’s Best of the ’Burgh?

What’s your Pittsburgh “hidden gem,” a place that you love that doesn’t get the attention it deserves?
City of Asylum and Alphabet City. “Maybe the most interesting place in town — bookstore, restaurant, performance venue, all tied to a vital nonprofit giving sanctuary to endangered writers and artists from around the world.”

If you could only eat one local meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
“A couple of slices of Badamo’s Sicilian pizza and an East End Big Hop.”

If Pittsburgh had a theme song, what would it be?
“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” “It should have been named Pittsburgh’s official anthem long ago.”

What’s the annual tradition that you wait for every year?

Favorite Pittsburgh appearance in a movie or on television?
“‘Take Bigelow.’ If you know, you know — if you don’t, watch and savor ‘Striking Distance’ ASAP.”

What’s your unpopular Pittsburgh opinion? What is something you think about the city (or a famous aspect of it) that won’t win you any friends?
“We love fireworks too much. Just July 4th would keep fireworks special. It’s not like we’re trick-or-treating every time the Pirates win, right?”

Where’s the first place you take out-of-town guests?
Grandview Avenue (Near the statue of Washington & Guyasuta)

If you could bring back one Pittsburgh place or restaurant that’s no longer there, which would you pick?
The O

You get one Incline ride with any Pittsburgher, living or dead. Who is it?
“[WPXI anchor] David Johnson. He’s a great guy and I miss seeing him. No one’s seeing him anywhere, right? That’s what I thought.”

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