40 Under 40: 2012

Meet the honorees who are lighting up our dynamic, caring city in 2012.


They’re fourth-generation Pittsburghers, or they came here from other continents. They grow everything from community gardens to tech startups. They preserve our oldest neighborhoods and protect our youngest neighbors. They teach, build, raise funds and spirits, advocate, and entertain. And since nearly half are committed to fostering sustainability in our region, we thought it fitting to have Phipps Conservatory, a global leader in green and sustainability, as our backdrop.

Collectively, this year’s 40 Under 40 honorees are a diverse group of creative and dedicated Pittsburghers, bound together by their love for the city as it is today, as well as an optimism about its future.

Photography by Martha Rial  ︱  Makeup by Rachael Ryan

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