Author: Jonathan Wander

Home of the Year: Tuscan Dream

The 2013 Home of the Year winner in the New Construction category is a dream home in a dream location. Tuscan details abound inside and out, designed to remind the homeowners of an unforgettable trip to Italy.

City Guide: Shadyside

The tree-lined streets of Shadyside, the neighborhood many consider to be the jewel of the East End, have been home to a diverse population of Pittsburghers.

Cool Tech in Pittsburgh

Much has been written about how the Pittsburgh area has reinvented itself from a steel city to a tech town, how the region has held up as the gleaming example of never-say-die renewal.

House That? Dome-icile

Constructed of three connecting geodesic domes, the home of Rob Thompson and his children causes Trafford Road passersby to slow or stop to take in the futuristic drama.