Author: Bill Modoono

Unmistakably Myron

The late Myron Cope was family in Pittsburgh, in western Pennsylvania, in the company of Steelers’ fans everywhere. How he came to exert such a powerful hold on people who did not know him personally is a mystery he carried to his grave.

Steelers Win Sixth Super Bowl

With less than three minutes to play and 88 yards to get to the end zone, Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes stepped up and delivered the only sixth Super Bowl win. Sportswriter Bill Modoono analyzes the most memorable games in Super Bowl history and one of the best franchises in sports.

Stainless Steelers?

The legendary black-and-gold heads into the upcoming season with a tarnished image. Without the "7 to 10," how will things compute? It might all depend on you.

Best (and Worst) of Pittsburgh

With two hard-earned championship titles, accolades from the White House and top honors on the Economist's "Most Livable City" list, 2009 is a respectable time to say you're from Pittsburgh. Celebrate with our expansive list of "Bests," chosen by our editors and from our online "Readers' Poll." You'll come across a London-style double-decker bus tour, a downtown spot to sample Jackie O's favorite dessert, an eco-friendly brewhouse, delicious dim sum, a newly re-opened art-deco-style theater and more. Read on to discover 120+ reasons Pittsburgh is the best place to call home right now.

Sports Dentistry

Although sports medicine is a well-known specialty, sports dentistry also provides athletes with a way to take a bite out of an injury.