Outer Office Space

Carnegie Mellon’s Don Marinelli combines work and play by surrounding himself with planes, trains and games.

Walking into Don Marinelli’s office at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center is like walking into his mind: colorful, frenetic and packed wall-to-wall with visual treasures and inspiration. Marinelli is co-founder and executive producer of ETC, the department of CMU that educates students on how to blend the arts and technology to create leading-edge digital entertainment. Ebullient and effusive, Marinelli explains the reason for having an office so filled with brain food.

“Why do we keep the things we do? Because they mean something to us,” Marinelli says. “So why are we locking them away?”

Visitors get a kick out of visiting Marinelli’s mini museum.

“When people come in here, it’s like a memory Rorschach test,” he says. “I’ve spent my life breaking down all barriers between work and play, and my office is a testament to that.”

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