Masters of the Googleverse

Google’s team of masterminds do their best thinking in the cafeteria.

For a technology lover, walking into a Google office is like walking into the Emerald City. There’s a bit of awe: You just know all sorts of magical mysteries are happening inside—mind-boggling wonders that will have us sending links to our friends and saying, “How cool is this?” Pittsburgh magazine got a look inside the Steel City’s own Emerald City—Google’s Pittsburgh offices—to meet some of the wizards who work there.

Besides how incredibly smart the Googlers are (obviously), they’re also a friendly, fun-loving bunch who love their jobs and workplace. It’s not just that they work for Google, with all the caché and opportunities that come with it. It’s the place itself: two floors (and soon to be more) in the renovated Nabisco plant that’s part of the Bakery Square development in East Liberty. The offices are equipped for mind-stimulating R&R, including a pool table, pinball machine, a long swath of suspended cargo netting that acts as a giant hammock and a cafeteria with free food prepared by an on-site chef. We met some members of the Google team in the cafeteria and got a little peek at the exciting projects taking place behind the curtain.

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