Remarkable Redos

A bathroom that was barely making a splash, a loft that was left without personality and a boring backyard that was begging for a boost—each was in need of a makeover. Enter the experts.

Home Style: Wild Blues

Bright ideas abound with a simple stroke of contemporary blue. From an electrifying aqua to accents of sandy pearl, jet black and sun-kissed yellow, the color blue and its complementary hues make a splash throughout the home.

Quiet Spaces, Green Oasis

Although these garden spots are the abodes of the deceased, cemeteries also serve as destinations for those among the living who seek peace, quiet and natural beauty. Come touch the green, green grass of Jefferson Memorial Park and the Homewood and Allegheny cemeteries.

Great Trees

Great Trees are part of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods and also part of our region’s rich and diverse heritage. Just imagine the history a 300-year-old oak tree has witnessed in its lifetime—and the history that is yet to be made. Trees beautify our cityscapes, cool our environment and clean the air we breathe. We honor them each spring on Arbor Day and seek refuge beneath their branches in a rainstorm. But do we really appreciate our trees? I think we do. I went in search of some of Pittsburgh’s wonderful trees to photograph for this pictorial essay and discovered so much more. Every specimen had a compelling story, lovingly filtered through the lives, words and actions of its current steward. I am merely the conduit for their stories.

Nostalgic by Nature

His grandmother’s tools have done a great job for nearly 30 years in his care, and they’ve spent their share of rainy spring nights alone in the garden. But before the snow is gone, Doug Oster pulls out the trowel, shovels, edgers, forks and hoes from his toolshed in preparation for the day when the smell of spring fills the air and nostalgia is in full bloom.

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