The Art of Furniture: ‘Interiors With Impact’ Exhibit Now Open

Through a partnership with Monmade, the exhibit at the Pittsburgh Glass Center showcases locally made products ranging from furniture to lighting.

Sometime a lamp is just a lamp — and sometimes it’s a work of art.

The latter definitely is the case with “Interiors with Impact,” a new exhibition at the Pittsburgh Glass Center in Friendship created through a partnership with Monmade.

Developed by the Craft Business Accelerator at Bridgeway Capital as a network, platform and program for local artisans, Monmade launched earlier this year with the goal of creating a vibrant craft manufacturing ecosystem in the Pittsburgh region. Its website acts as a one-stop-shop catalogue or lookbook for local business owners and their handcrafted products.

Featuring 20 local producers, “Interiors with Impact” showcases how raw and reclaimed materials can be transformed into art — and into home decor.

The show’s artisans, among them Reiko Yamamoto, BLAK RUST and Margaret Haden Ceramics, used traditional handwork techniques to create a variety of products that range from lighting to furniture to wall coverings. It also demonstrates how consumers can keep it local when it comes to their design needs and desires.

“This exhibit highlights examples of local producers engaging in design thinking and craft manufacturing,” says Adam Kenney, director of the Craft Business Accelerator. “Their creative output is beautiful but also illustrates their potential to grow into business that impact the economy in meaningful ways.”

Interiors with Impact runs through Feb. 18. To learn more about it, visit here.


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