New Year New Paint: Give Your Room a Makeover

What's hot for 2018? PPG Paints provides the scoop on hues that can fit into any number of rooms in your home.

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You’re not the only one who gets a fresh start on Jan. 1.

With the new year here, it’s a great time to transform rooms that are looking tired into something more appealing.

“After the holidays, people aren’t as busy and feel energized to get things done,” says Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager for PPG Paints. “We find a lot of dealers and customers ask for color shifts.” One of the easiest, and economical, ways to give your room a makeover is with paint.

As Schlotter points out, walls are the dominant feature in most rooms. When you paint them, people tend to notice.
“Color is so powerful,” she says. “Paint, to me, has a very big impact because of the space it takes up.”
Every year, PPG Paints color experts from around the world gather for a color summit (last year’s event was held in Pittsburgh) to discuss up-and-coming color palettes for the next year. Here are the wall colors Schlotter predicts will be trending in 2018.

Shades of Grey — and Sunny Yellow
Grey has been a popular color choice since 2008, when the recession hit the nation and the hue reflected the country’s somber mood, according to Schlotter. But while those greys had a cool tone, today’s greys are much warmer and have a brown undertone. Some examples of the new greys include PPG Paints colors Cool Slate and Cuppa Coffee.

“These are really great brown greys that look really pretty on the walls,” Schlotter says.

Accent colors that work well with these neutrals are Suntan, a pinkish orange; Namaste, a pale yellow; and Hearth, a warm yellow. Schlotter notes the up-and-coming warm grey colors may lead to beiges with yellow undertones becoming popular down the road. Burnished, matte golds also are on the rise. “It can really be contemporary and very fresh,” Schlotter says.

Snappy Color
“[PPG Paints Color] Brandy Snaps is really pretty with a black anchor,” Schlotter says of the dusty mauve shade.

For its 2018 Color of the Year, PPG Paints chose Black Flame, a complex shade of black with an indigo undertone. Schlotter says the dark hue evokes privacy while maintaining hopefulness and enthusiasm. It also makes a surprisingly great neutral, serving as an anchor that allows brighter accent colors to shine.

If you’re looking to minimize the impact of a television screen, she says Black Flame as well as Black Magic, a true black, act as camouflage when added to a wall with a flat TV screen mounted on it. 

“It makes the screen almost disappear,” Schlotter says.

Feeling Poppy
Soft, faded colors, such as the ones favored by HGTV star Joanna Gaines in her “Fixer Upper” designs, are still popular, but the updated version is something that might be called Scandinavian farmhouse chic.

“They’re still very faded, but they’re poppier and a little more saturated,” Schlotter says. 

The Scandinavian farmhouse style embraces neutral, clean lines, but adds pops of bright color. Some paint colors that fall into this category are Lovely Lilac, a grayed-off
purple, and Crystal Lake, a cheerful ocean blue.  

Back to Basics
There also is a return to more classic colors, such as Mountain Lake, a deep blue, and Red Gumball, a bright red. Schlotter says these colors work well with yellow-based woods and also pair well with neutrals such as Chicory, a butterscotch brown, and Steeple Gray, a classic gray.

Greens also are growing in popularity. Schlotter in particular loves Restoration, a sage green that brings to mind nature and summer foliage. Ocean Drive, a tranquil shade of aqua, can add a serene element to the bedroom.

Get Started

  • If you’re nervous about making big color changes to your walls, Schlotter recommends starting small with an accent wall. You also could paint your interior doors, typically white, for an unexpected pop of color.
  • “Interior doors are becoming the new accent walls in people’s houses,” she says.
  • She also recommends getting your furniture and décor in place before choosing a paint color so that they don’t clash. The colors from a beautiful piece of artwork also can serve as inspiration for your walls.
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