after dark - make the most of your weekend

Time Again for Double Wide Grill's Summer Menu

Yes, Double Wide Grill is a themed restaurant. No, it's not an overpriced Rainforest Cafe, nor a place where you’ll pay ridiculous prices for cheesecake just for the opportunity to eat it near some sunglasses from Terminator 2.

O'Neill Exhibit Headlining Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Lineup

You literally cannot go wrong with any of the three theaters operated by the Pittsburgh Filmmakers. This weekend, master photographer Annie O’Neill's "Work in Progress" exhibit opens at the Melwood, plus showings at the other two Filmmakers' locations: the Regent Square Theater and the Harris.

Among Pittsburgh Bars, Some Hidden Gems

When it comes to bars, the hidden gems are either off the beaten path, in a neighborhood not known for nightlife or otherwise isolated from our normal nocturnal routes.

Four 'Burgh Bands That Don't Suck

If you need to go to a bar and find something a little more impressive than a Journey cover band, go for 28 North, Joy Ike, Phat Man Dee or The Substitutions.

The Art of the Nightcap

I'm on a lucrative search for the best spots in Pittsburgh to have a nightcap: The bar you head to for one drink at the end of the evening, after wherever you were before.

This Weekend at the Cabaret at Theater Square

Cabaret manager Randy Kirk has created a unique and dynamic series of late-night entertainment at The Cabaret at Theater Square, the surprisingly adaptable and cozy theater space nestled behind The Backstage Bar.

This Weekend: Steelers & Bands at Altar Bar

I’ve got a recommendation for Sunday’s game for you, directly inspired by where I spent last weekend’s contest. Friday and Saturday, let’s talk bands, ’Burgh and otherwise.

This Weekend: Stand-Up, Carmen and Playoff Football

I’ll leave you to your own devices during the game itself, but I’ve got a three-part postgame celebration to recommend. Elsewhere this weekend, comedy and silver-screen opera. Make it a diverse couple of days.

Shiloh Grill, The Harris and Club Cafe

In a radical departure from the two-month history of this blog, let’s ignore the weekend and come up with a few things to do next week: Comedy, classic movies and beer.

Conrocktions, Sketch Comedy and a Holiday Classic

Unlike the regular season events, the Pittsburgh Public Theater will let you bring your drinks in with you for Saturday's Second City show. As with all comedy, please drink heavily; it’ll seem that much funnier.

Stay In. Repeat. Then Go to Six Penn.

This weekend, I go against the very nature of the blog and, in the name of keeping you safe and warm this holiday weekend, recommend a few things to do … at home.