Author: Amy Whipple

Green Pittsburgh

Green Pittsburgh is a tour of Pittsburgh’s history, from the old mill communities of Glen Hazel and Hazelwood, up through the immigrant destinations of Greenfield and Squirrel Hill and finally to the mansions of the industrialists in Shadyside. It’s also a story of the birth and rebirth of our city: students and young professionals flock to Squirrel Hill and Shadyside, adding vibrancy that radiates from top universities. Meanwhile, redevelopment in Hazelwood and Glen Hazel aims to reclaim lost potential and offers new chances for affordable housing and a blossoming community.

Far Down the River

These townships and boroughs may not seem like much on the map, but we assure you that each is full of tucked-away treasures. They’ve got everything you need for a day or a weekend outside of the city.

The Ohio River Valley

Taking the long way down Route 65 will provide plenty of opportunities for a little bit of shopping, a little bit of learning and a whole lot of fresh air.

Allegheny River Communities

The communities along the Allegheny River are known for natural beauty as well as shopping at Pittsburgh Mills and taking on the course at Oakmont Country Club.