So You Think You Can Dance?

Even if you're an amateur, Bodiography welcomes you to visit its newly expanded studio for an all-levels class.

photo by Eric Rosé


It’s time to shake out your childhood ballet dreams as the dust from construction settles at Squirrel Hill’s newly expanded Bodiography Center for Movement.

The studio has been a Forbes Avenue staple since 2001, but not many people associate ballet with anything other than tiny girls (or muscular adults) wrapped in pink. Though Bodiography’s studios have plenty of those, it also makes room for “drop-in” classes for grown-ups through the location’s Club One Fitness Studio. Until now, Bodiography’s emphasis has been on ballet and Pilates — but with the center’s growth, adult classes now include tap, jazz and hip-hop.

Bodiography founder and artistic/executive director Maria Caruso has created an atmosphere where body type is not the focus. Former and would-be dancers of all shapes and experience levels are invited for classes that have “a reverence for technique” in “a really positive environment where we focus on health and wellness.”

The adult dress code is workout-casual, but you wouldn’t be out of place if you arrived in the quintessential black leotard and pink tights.

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