Where to Find Nemacolin’s Cheapest Drinks

You can’t get cheaper than free. And for drinks on the house at the popular resort and casino, there’s only one place to look.

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Let’s be honest for a minute, Pittsburgh: As a part-time writer and a part-time nanny, I lead a pretty sweet life — but not what you’d call a lucrative life, exactly. So if you said either, “Let’s go to a fancy-pants resort” or “Let’s go gambling,” I might need more than a little convincing (read: access to your wallet).

So let’s say you got me out of the city and up the mountain to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort or, more specifically, to the recently opened Lady Luck Casino at the site. Here’s where we would become BFFs: Lady Luck’s featured watering hole, The Lone Wolf Bar.

First of all, Lady Luck is not quite as fancy-pants as the rest of Nemacolin. So don’t worry, jeans-and-jersey ’Burghers — you’re fine just as you are. Now, there’s a bit of runaround to get into the casino (either have a room at Nemacolin or drop $10 on a gift card for the resort — you can use the card in the casino to pay for a meal), but once you’re in, you’re good to go.

The Lone Wolf is off to the side on the main floor of the casino. You can’t miss it. In many ways, it is a normal bar. You can get your fill of Yuengling, and there’s a grab-and-go case of wraps and the like if you're looking to eat and gamble at the same time. If you’re actually sitting down for a spell, you can order off a menu of bar standards including burgers and wings.

But the bar maintains an active events calendar with live local music and other activities, and it’s not unheard of for the tables to get cleared for patrons to do a little two-steppin’. (It's fun, and you're an hour away from home. Get over yourself and get out there.) Thursdays are geared especially toward locals, and the wee hours of Friday and Saturday will find you face-to-face with a five-dollar buffet after the kitchen closes for the night.

Now that you know all that, here’s the best part: If you’re actively gambling, drinks are on the house. What? Stop it. How are you not getting in your car and heading there right this second? Let’s get this show on the road.

Lastly, if you’re playing it safe (as you should) and staying the night at the resort, see if you can't get Helen to be your shuttle driver when you’re done at Lady Luck. She'll swing you back around to your room, and you’ll get to know an absolute delight of a woman. She might even give you an off-the-record, ride-around tour of the resort if you ask nicely.


Amy Whipple is a frequent contributor to Pittsburgh Magazine. She’s previously written pieces on the locally made documentary Blood Brother, TEDxCMU and Helltown Brewing, among other articles. She’s also been featured in Pittsburgh City Paper and The Sprout Fund’s publications. Follow her on Twitter at @ItsAmyWhipple.

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