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Great Trees

Great Trees are part of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods and also part of our region’s rich and diverse heritage. Just imagine the history a 300-year-old oak tree has witnessed in its lifetime—and the history that is yet to be made. Trees beautify our cityscapes, cool our environment and clean the air we breathe. We honor them each spring on Arbor Day and seek refuge beneath their branches in a rainstorm. But do we really appreciate our trees? I think we do. I went in search of some of Pittsburgh’s wonderful trees to photograph for this pictorial essay and discovered so much more. Every specimen had a compelling story, lovingly filtered through the lives, words and actions of its current steward. I am merely the conduit for their stories.

"40 Under 40" 2009

They come from all walks of life, with a diversity of backgrounds, professions and community-service passions that speak to the richness that is young, professional Pittsburgh. This is our 11th annual 40 Under 40, a celebration of 40 inspirational, successful, generous men and women from our region, all under age 40, who represent the best in Pittsburgh's present and future

A City Without A Symbol?

Could Pittsburgh use a monument to capture its identity? It's an idea that's fun to think about and compelling to explore. We asked seven local creatives to dream up a visual identity for the city, and here are their proposals.

Symbolically Speaking

Pittsburgh is a city known for its three rivers, its many bridges and its eclectic architecture. But it lacks an iconic monument that's recognizable to the rest of the world, like Paris' Eiffel Tower or San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Isn't it time this city had its own symbol? To see what fellow readers think Pittsburgh's symbol should be - from structures that already stand (the Cathedral of Learning) to concepts for a new structure (a huge, interactive Steelers symbol), see below: