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Working the Count

Death to the NFL Salary Cap

It doesn’t provide parity or competitive balance. The salary cap just steals millions from players who, rightfully, want to retire before hits to the head could ruin their life.

Time Not on Penguins GM’s Side

General Manager Jim Rutherford has overhauled much of the Pens’ roster in a short period of time. Will his mind-on-the-now plan work to win Cup No. 4?

For the Pirates, Playoff Expectations are the New Normal

But is that a good thing?
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Getting Better Over Time: PNC Park at 15

Adoration for PNC Park is near-universal. But would the park be the cherished baseball palace it is today if a few early proposals instead had become reality?

For the Pirates, Playoff Expectations are the New Normal

But is that a good thing?

Pittsburgh Pirates' Hurdle on Hip: 'I Feel Great'

Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle talks about his recovery from hip replacement surgery.

Josh Harrison Seizes An Opportunity

The unlikely star of 2014 at PNC Park is the Pirates' utilityman-turned-All-Star.
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More Sports

20 Great Biking & Hiking Trails in Western Pennsylvania

Each trail has been lovingly constructed and maintained, using old infrastructure to reconnect disparate communities.

Jamie Dixon: Winning His Way

Peers, players, and regular observers know him to be one of the best coaches — and people — in college basketball.

A Growing Rivalry on Ice: Robert Morris vs. Penn State

Two teams that clearly don't like each other are vying for bragging rights for the state.
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Finally Home: How Pittsburgh Won Over Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu came to Pittsburgh craving the California sun. Nearly a dozen years later, he shares a rare glimpse of the relationships he developed here — with his God, the Steelers Nation and the city he and his family now call home. One thing is certain: he never wants to leave.

Ryan Shazier Can Get the Job Done

The new Steelers linebacker brings more than speed and athleticism with him to Heinz Field.

Remembering Chuck Noll

Veteran journalist Bob Dvorchak looks back on the life of the Super Steelers’ celebrated coach.
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Gotta See: Sidney Crosby Joins NHL Rivals for Unforgettable Sledge Hockey Game

Gatorade unveiled the video as part of a new commercial campaign during the world junior championship.

Penguins Profile: The Fearless Patric Hornqvist

The Penguin winger fits in easily with the team, thanks to his infectious personality and his mad dedication to confounding opposing goaltenders.

Mike Johnston’s Plan for Bringing the Cup Back to Pittsburgh

Via Nova Scotia, Australia, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Portland, the new Penguins coach arrives with championship expectations.

Why Can’t the NHL Stop Punching Itself in the Face?

Hockey’s unwritten code is hurting the league and its players.

9 Questions With Olli Maatta

Olli Maatta, the Penguins’ soft-spoken rookie defenseman, prefers to let his play on the ice do the talking.
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The 412

Feed the Meter from your Phone? There May Soon be an App for That

But the plan from the Pittsburgh Parking Authority may have some strings attached.

Just Released: Trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal's New Movie Shot in Pittsburgh

The boxing drama "Southpaw" is set to arrive in theaters in late July.

Pittsburgh’s Billy Gardell Hosts ‘Monopoly’ Game Show

The “Monopoly Millionaire’s Club” premieres this weekend.

Cutch Cuts the Locks

The Pirates outfielder cut his hair for the first time in eight years.

Pens Honor Mike Lange for 40 Years of Unforgettable Play-by-Play

How many of his classic calls can you recite?

Pittsburgh Company 'Excavates Lives' As It Renovates Homes

Three Rivers ReDevelopment’s Derek Green has become a collector of family histories. Now, he needs to figure out what to do with them.
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