Pittsburgh Restaurant News: Bitter Ends Food Is Closing

The Bloomfield eatery will serve its last meal at the end of April.
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Bitter Ends Food, formerly known as Bitter Ends Luncheonette, will close for good on April 20.

“We opened 4.5 years ago with a ½-acre garden, speeding into a small brick and mortar establishment to show my mother the vision before she died. I am endlessly proud of Bitter Ends — with the help of some absolutely astonishing people we have accomplished everything we have set out to do,” chef/owner Becca Hegarty writes on the establishment’s Instagram page.

Hegarty opened Bitter Ends in 2017 as a spin-off of a farm and pop-up project with then business partner Jason “Joddo” Oddo (he now farms as the Verona Plant Company and C.O.L.D.C.O.). The 17-seat daytime restaurant immediately drew crowds for its high-quality, direct-from-farm ingredients served as sandwiches, soups and pastries.

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Hegarty’s fastidious commitment to sourcing combined with her talent for transforming those ingredients into layers of remarkable flavor earned national accolades, including multiple James Beard Award Rising Star Chef semifinalist nods and a place in Zagat’s initial 30 Under 30 Cohort, but, more importantly, a loyal local farmer and customer base who supported her endeavors.

“Thank you from my entire being to every farmer, producer, cook, baker, artist, sandwich eater, salad lover, person who has ever stepped foot into this project’s life,” Hegarty writes on Instagram.

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Hegarty pivoted to take-out only following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 and has continued to operate with limited hours since then. She also has supplied neighboring Linea Verde Green Market with prepared food items.

Bitter Ends is closed next week and will resume Friday through Monday service on April 8. The establishment’s final service is on April 20 with an event called Clownburger.

4613 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield; tillthebitterends.com

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