How Well Do You Know Pittsburgh?

What do you know about the fountain of youth in North Park? The relics at St. Anthony’s? The history of Pittsburghese? We bring you all this and more in our guide to Pittsburgh lore full of insider info and fun facts. Plus, take our quizzes to test your expertise of all things Pittsburgh.

Who Collected the Bones of Saints in Pittsburgh?

The full skeletal remains of a Catholic saint lie in an ornate, centuries-old sarcophagus behind the altar at a Troy Hill Church.

12 Things You Might Not Know about Pittsburgh

A dozen fun facts about our city and region that all begin with the question: Did you know?

Where Can You Unplug With a Good Cup of Tea?

This bohemian tea-house is one of those nearly extinct destinations that carries on the best vibes of the analog-era.

What is Pittsburgh’s Fountain of Youth?

Pittsburgh’s Fountain of Youth was built in 1938 as “a springhouse designed as a grotto typical in every detail of a Roman cavern.”

When Can You Make a Pittsburgh Left?

Even if you don’t know the term, you’re probably familiar with the concept.

Why Do We Speak Pittsburghese?

“For most of the city’s history, however, Pittsburghers barely noticed the local way of speaking, if they were aware of it at all,” one expert says.

How Well Do You Know Pittsburgh Pop Culture?

We’ve got 10 questions on theater, film, television, art spaces and music to test your expertise.

How Well Do You Know Pittsburgh’s Food History?

We’ve got 10 questions on local restaurants, chefs and iconic food to test your expertise.

How Well Do You Know Pittsburgh Sports?

Nick Cornell and Megan Parker’s romance may have started off in high school, but the pair was meant to be.

Where Would You See This?

We’ve got 10 photos to test your expertise about Pittsburgh-area locations.
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