Visitors Guide

The Northern 'Burbs

From historic communities a stone’s throw from the city proper to spacious, booming suburbs with a rural mindset, there’s a hometown for everyone in northern Allegheny County.

The Near East

These 11 communities, which continue to evolve, contain some of the region’s trendiest locally owned restaurants, retail shops and art galleries.

Where 8 Meets 28

The inner ring of Pittsburgh’s suburbs blends some of the best features of the city and the ’burbs — it has good schools and more affordable home prices but also is just a quick jaunt to downtown for work.

College Town

These neighborhoods represent the beating heart of the city’s revival and are home to universities, libraries, museums and parks.

Green Pittsburgh

These wealthy suburbs of the Gilded Age now are a series of self-contained communities defined by massive city parks, steep tree-lined hillsides and the Monongahela River.

The Hidden East End

While most people overlook this region of the East End for the better-known neighborhoods of Squirrel Hill and Shadyside, the area we call the Hidden East End slowly is reshaping its future via green space, history-rich buildings and new businesses.

The Eastern Border

With plenty of things to do (and even more interesting things to look at), Pittsburgh’s eastern neighborhoods serve as a reminder of the region’s character and history.