Women & Business Profile: Sheri Enos-Sclabassi, MSW, Ph.D.

“... Don’t shy away from the unknown or what may seem to be an insurmountable task.”

Final 220606 Pghmag Wib Sharonsclabassi R Dsc 9790 1Sheri Enos-Sclabassi, MSW, Ph.D.
President and CFO
Computational Diagnostics Inc.

From managing Robin William’s business affairs to becoming one of the first women to work as a program director for the YMCA, Sheri Enos-Sclabassi’s career has traversed numerous industries.

“I enjoy challenges and working in a variety of environments with various integrated disciplines for the purpose of developing new and customized products and services,” she says.

After arriving in Pittsburgh, Enos-Sclabassi became immersed in the city’s tech scene, where she worked as a Product Manager at Actronics, one of the region’s first high-tech startups. Currently, she is the CFO and President of Computational Diagnostics Inc., a company that develops neurophysiological monitoring devices used in neuro, cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries to prevent injury during high-risk operations. Her current day-to-day responsibilities include establishing the company’s operations such as accounting and personnel matters, but she has also played an instrumental role in obtaining FDA clearance for the use and sales of the company’s equipment. CDI’s newest product, NeuroNet-VII, will hit the market this year, representing years of the company’s hard work.

Throughout her career, Enos-Sclabassi received numerous awards, though the most meaningful one dates back to 1959 when she graduated high school and won the Culver City Business and Professional Women’s Award.

“I was able to meet and talk with experienced businesswomen and I found my niche. I loved accounting — and still do —  and PERT charts of various sorts really ring my bell,” she says.

Enos-Sclabassi’s accomplishments extend beyond her professional career, including earning a Ph.D. and an MSW from the University of Pittsburgh, marrying an “exceptional” husband and raising four sons. Her contributions to Pittsburgh continue outside the office, where she is an active board member of Pittsburgh Opera and the Persad Center, a facility that offers LGBTQ-affirming mental health, alcohol and drug treatment.

What’s Enos-Sclabassi’s advice for other women in business? “Don’t shy away from the unknown or what may seem to be an insurmountable task,” she says. “There are those who can help and learning something new can be extremely satisfying.”

The best advice she’s ever received is to “NEVER GIVE UP!” Sponsored content is created and paid for by the marketer.

Sponsored content is created and paid for by the marketer.

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