Women & Business Profile: Kat Marryshow Katawczik

She is the owner of the mobile boutique, Bow by Kat.

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In 2016, Kat Marryshow Katawczik was feeling burned out. As an AGH trauma nurse for more than 15 years at that time, she decided she needed something fun in her life. Katawczik spotted a mobile boutique at a street fair and was intrigued. She bought a truck and designed the inside to make it look like “a boutique out of Miami.” White floors, white brick walls and all the hangers are white. “It really makes the clothing pop,” Katawczik says. “A good friend of mine, Mike Holzworth, up-fit the interior. He is really talented and was able to make some really fun additions and made it easy for me to run on my own.”

Bow by Kat was born. The boutique on wheels offers contemporary clothing for women of all shapes and sizes and accessories. “I am the owner of this business and am responsible for most everything. I buy the merchandise from different vendors in Europe, New York and Atlanta. I drive to different locations and sell.”

How would Katawczik describe herself as a businesswoman? “I describe myself as a nurse first and foremost,” she says. “I have never studied business, but my husband and best friend, Danielle Proctor, are fantastic business people. So, I would describe myself as a new business woman with great support.” Bow by Kat survived the challenges of 2020 in good shape and, in the future, an e-commerce site is in the works. “I am looking for help developing my Instagram feed and social media sites. I have a lot to learn in that area,” she says.

What advice does Katawczik have for other women in business? “Why not try? It is really scary at first but, the more you do it, the more you learn and the easier it gets.”

What is Katawczik’s favorite location for her boutique? “I love being downtown and the vibe. The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, as well as other organizations, have done so many wonderful things to bring fun and culture into the city.”

Bow by Kat’s travels have also taken her to events and fundraisers benefiting such organizations as Humane Animal Rescue, Family House, Northland Public Library, Women’s Athletics, and Sewickley Valley Hospital.

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