Women & Business: Neysha Arcelay

Arcelay is founder and President of Precixa.

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Neysha Arcelay
Founder and President

After 20 years in corporate America, Neysha Arcelay launched Precixa in 2016. She knew she was bringing over two decades of cross-industry experience and a deep passion for helping organizational leaders thrive, but she still had no expectations beyond earning an acceptable income and enjoying a lot of flexibility. The first couple of years were “a huge challenge” but, today, Arcelay can report her 4-year-old company is growing by more than 50 percent year over year.

“At Precixa, we work with business leaders to transform their organizations and enable their internal cultures to shine,” Arcelay says. “I also personally coach early career individuals looking to jumpstart their professional goals.”

Arcelay left her hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico and built a career at some of the largest companies in the country. She was “driven, committed and resilient” throughout her nearly eight years at a Fortune 50 company, four years at a Fortune 100 company, and work as a senior vice president at a Fortune 200 company— all before launching a business.

In 2019, Arcelay wrote a book to share her personal formula for career success. “The Little Blue Book: The Girl’s Guide to Owning Your Professional Development” made the list of Amazon top releases and, in October 2019, was listed as No. 37 on the Amazon best sellers’ list. The book is packed with real-life examples and includes a step-by-step self-improvement guide for determining career aspirations, creating a plan of action and the importance of a strong support system.

What is the best advice Arcelay has ever received? “Whatever you do, be the best, and do not take any advice from anyone who hasn’t walked in your shoes, and even then make sure you place equal importance on your gut.”

What advice does Arcelay have for women in business? “Network!  And when you feel you have networked enough, then network some more.”

How has Precixa shifted in 2020? “As a team that helps organizations implement their transformational strategies, we walk the talk,” says Arcelay. “We have pivoted not only to meet our clients’ needs but also to keep pace with the ever changing economic environment, especially this year.”

Community work plays a “huge” role in Arcelay’s life. She recently served on the steering committee of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development’s 75th Anniversary, serves on board of the Pittsburgh Zoo, mentors young people and volunteers for Red Chair, a women intechnology nonprofit organization.

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