Women & Business: Marion Lewis

Lewis is CEO and Co-Founder of Govenda by BoardBookit.

210527 Pghmag Wib Marionlewis Dsc9832rMarion Lewis says she is an entrepreneur at heart, and her track record proves it. Govenda by BoardBookit is the fourth company that she has co-founded and grown. “Each of the companies I have started has had its own challenges and rewards,” Lewis said. She sold two of the companies before launching Govenda in 2014.

Govenda by BoardBookit is a relationship and governance management platform designed for use by boards of directors. “I’m laser focused on the metrics of good business, but believe that the best way to leverage those metrics is by building teams who believe in the company vision, are passionate about excellence in everything they do, are ethical and collaborative,” said Lewis. “Business is a team sport, and the right team can move mountains.”

Most recently, Govenda was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. Placing No. 1,314 was a “great tribute to all of the hard work from our team,” she said. In less than seven years, the company has grown a multinational client base of more than 500 companies. BoardBookit rebranded to Govenda by BoardBookit this year to reflect its growth from board portal software to board relationship management solutions. Govenda is focused on board effectiveness, purpose and performance through a “transformational, not just transactional” approach. The performance of boards around the world was put to the test during COVID-19. “Because boards of directors now meet remotely, the right technology and tools are critical to success,” Lewis said. “And many boards have found the need for more meetings to address the severity of the impact of the pandemic.”

Looking back, Lewis is most gratified by being a part of the career growth for many of her employees. And she is proud to be an investor and the first portfolio company in NextActFund, the first woman-focused angel fund in Pittsburgh.

What advice does she have for businesswomen? “Know your worth, don’t be afraid to fail (it’s just practice for the next success), learn from every experience, treat people well, always be accountable — especially to yourself.” Lewis’ favorite piece of advice was from her father when she was very young. “Don’t let yourself be defined by other people’s expectations. Have the courage to forge your own path.”

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