Women & Business: Dr. Christine Herring

“What I have learned to do over the years is to replace the negative self-talk with a new soundtrack by telling myself several times a day ‘You are more than enough.’”

Hr 221228 Pghmag Wb Christineherring FDr. Christine Herring
CEO and Co-Founder
Herring Seminars & Consulting

Dr. Christine Herring grew up in Homewood and raised a family in Monroeville, but the impact of her career reaches beyond the city.

Herring co-founded her business, Herring Seminars and Consulting, in 2015 with the goal of cultivating diversity, equity, and inclusion in school districts, colleges and universities. Since then, the company has expanded its work to include corporations, government entities and nonprofit organizations.

As CEO, Herring implements the company’s services, which include executive coaching for imposter syndrome and unconscious bias, K-12 curriculum consulting and diversity, equity and inclusion seminars and workshops. At the heart of Herring’s work impacting companies such as Highlights for Children and Learning A-Z is her love for teaching.

“Teaching is what I was called to do, and I am fortunate that I have been able to start a business that allows me to continue to fulfill my purpose,” she says.

Herring’s dedication and intellectual curiosity ignite detail-oriented work, though she acknowledges the benefit of using ambition to take a step back, see the full picture, and color outside the lines.

“My drive and ambition come with an empathy that allows me to connect and build relationships easily with others. I am not afraid of taking risks or trying something new,” she says.

The visionary behind Herring Seminars and Consulting, Herring also takes a step back from her company to picture its future impact. As the organization extends its focus to include digital equity and inclusion through virtual reality and artificial intelligence, Herring strives to create a brand internationally recognized in the private and public sectors.

What’s Herring’s advice for other women in business? To fight imposter syndrome by using a different internal narrative.

“[Many women] let negative self-talk convince them they are not ready to receive the greatness others see in them. It is very easy to fall into the evils of comparison, which is the death of joy,” she says. “So, what I have learned to do over the years is to replace the negative self-talk with a new soundtrack by telling myself several times a day ‘You are more than enough.’”

What’s the best advice she has ever received?

“True happiness comes when you are able to know how to be where your feet are, know how to take care of yourself and know how to make a home within your own skin.”

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