The Italian BBQ Is Back (Sort Of)

Six of Pittsburgh’s top Italian chefs reunite for a takeaway version of the summer classic.
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The Italian BBQ has been one of the highlights of Pittsburgh’s culinary calendar since 2012. The event, organized by Justin Severino and Hilary Prescott Severino, typically features a whos-who of Pittsburgh’s Italian chefs throwing an epic outdoor feast at White Oak Farm in Allison Park. They’d planned to scrap the event this year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, until Aimee DeAndrea, co-owner of DiAnoia’s Eatery, suggested the chefs could organize a takeaway version for Memorial Day weekend.

To that end, Dave Anoia (DiAnoia’s Eatery), Sam DiBattista (Vivo Kitchen), Domenic Branduzzi (Piccolo Forno), Stephen Felder (Stagioni), Justin Steel (Bar Marco) and Severino (Salty Pork Bits, Morcilla) are teaming up for a seven-course meal on May 24.

The chefs will do the bulk of the prep work at their respective restaurants, assembling dishes that will be fully cooked but served cold. Diners will finish the dishes at home, which will ensure the dishes are served at the optimal temperature, and also allow for some individual flair in plating the final product. “It’ll be very homestyle, but done right. It’s not just a scoop-and-go thing. Guests will get to interact with the dishes, too. They’ll get to be part of the experience,” says Anoia.

The Italian BBQ — Takeout is $60 per person, and tickets are available on DiAnoia’s Eatery website. Pickup, at staggered times set at purchase, is at DiAnoia’s Eatery.

Here’s the menu:

  • Grilled baby octopus and potato salad — Sam Dibattista
  • Beans and greens — Domenic Branduzzi
  • Baked Rigatoni — Stephen Felder
  • Cacio e pepe polenta with rosemary focaccia — Dave Anoia
  • Papagiorgio meatballs — Justin Steel
  • Salty Pork Bits sweet Italian sausage and peppers — Justin Severino
  • Assorted Italian cookies — Anoia
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