Women & Business Profile: Loraine Montanye

“Listening to the people who believe in you, want to see you succeed, and will help you do so, that’s when good things happen.”

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Senior Retirement Plan Advisor

Loraine Montanye started her career in finance working in traditional wealth management and institutional asset management roles. With support and guidance from a group of women colleagues and mentors at PNC, she eventually decided to specialize in retirement planning.

“It became clear to me that with only about a third of Americans currently on track for retirement and thousands of employers who are willing to help but need guidance on the convoluted how’s, why’s and rules, that I could have a positive impact on a lot of lives,” Montanye says.

Today, Montanye guides business owners, executives and human resource professionals on how to run their organizations’ retirement plans. Her current book of clients serve a total of 93,000 participants.

Montanye joined DBR & CO as a senior retirement plan advisor in 2022 after receiving an unexpected phone call about the position. She’s the first person at the company to take on the role, which focuses on evolving the company’s consulting process and client experience. Long hours on the job have led to positive feedback from her clients, which Montanye describes as “the most fulfilling professional experience of my life.” Her hard work is being recognized on a national level, too—she is one of six nationwide finalists for PLANADVISER’S 2023 Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year award in the category of Plan Sponsor Service.

Montanye has a lot of advice for women in business but at the top of the list is: Surround yourself with supportive people. “As a woman in business, you are going to be faced with detractors and doubters every single day,” she says. “When you choose to turn your focus away from those people and start listening to the people who believe in you, want to see you succeed, and will help you do so, that’s when good things happen.”

She credits her husband for giving her some of the best advice she’s ever received. “He has told me for as long as I’ve known him to stop comparing myself to other people,” Montanye says. “He taught me that true confidence comes from knowing that my worth isn’t defined by feeling better or worse than others but is instead in just being who I am.”

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