Women & Business Profile: Kimberly Antestenis

“Happiness is a choice. In spite of any challenges you are facing in life, try to look for the things you can be grateful for and how your plight might be an inspiration for others.”

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Kimberly Antestenis
Vice President Human Resources
Evoqua Water Technologies

Kimberly Antestenis is a businesswoman with far-reaching expertise in human resources. In 2011, she worked as Global Human Resources Director for Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Leading teams in the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Costa Rica and Finland, Antestenis gained insight into leadership and HR strategies that would shape the rest of her career. She joined Evoqua Water Technologies as the Vice President of Human Resources in 2019 after being drawn to the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Evoqua, a global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve the world’s water, produces reliable treatment systems and services to ensure water quality and quantity remain uninterrupted. As the Vice President of Human Resources, Antestenis builds talent development strategies and supports the company’s 2,300 employees in North America.

“I love understanding how the business works and what drives value and building HR strategies to enable growth,” she says. “I’m also excited about leading a team of HR professionals and seeing their success.”

Outside the workplace, Antestenis serves on the Governing Board at Pressley Ridge, an organization committed to helping all kids thrive regardless of struggle or background. Her connection to Pressley Ridge is also personal — her family’s trajectory changed when her son attended their School for Autism. Antestenis says her experience as the mother of a disabled child has shaped her perspective in human resources by emphasizing the need for inclusion in the workplace and empathy as a leader.

“You never know what people are struggling with in their lives,” she says.

What advice does Antestenis have for other women in business?

“I think it is very important to build your network by making real connections with people,” she says.  In addition to having support systems and advocates, Antestenis also encourages businesswomen to lift up those around them. “It is important to create significance for people you work with every day [by] recognizing them for their individual impacts,” she says.

What’s the best advice Antestenis has ever received? “Happiness is a choice,” she says. “In spite of any challenges, you are facing in life, try to look for the things you can be grateful for and how your plight might be an inspiration for others.”

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