Women & Business Profile: Jan Receski

“... I enjoy connecting with people, sharing my story; time and again it turns out we have similar circumstances and naturally relate to one another.”

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Jan Receski
Founder & CEO
OnPar Now

Jan Receski didn’t think she would create her own startup company — she had been working in Corporate America for 30 years and was happy there. The Manager of Accounting Systems at The Hillman Co., Receski oversaw numerous projects, including leading the design for the company’s internal workflow and anti-money laundering systems.

But one day, while visiting a local establishment to get fitted for a golf club, her career took a U-turn.

“I had the money to buy (the club) and should have felt great, but I was the only female in the place, and there was this ‘locker room banter’ going on behind me,” Receski says. “I left feeling like a piece of meat.”

Receski went home and Googled “women and golf.” The first link that came up — which was from Men’s Health Magazine — read “20 Hottest Women in Golf.” Receski continued her search, only to realize she couldn’t find any golf establishments not dominated by men.

“Remembering scenarios where, if I did get invited to play (golf), it was usually presented as ‘Hey Jan, Jeff can’t make it, can you fill in?’ I realized that I needed to create a place where no one would ever feel intimidated,” Receski says.

In 2021, she founded OnPar Now, an indoor golf practice and instruction space designed to make everyone — especially women and beginners — feel welcome. Located in the Strip District, OnPar Now has simulators that give players access to more than 180 golf courses around the world and instructors certified by the Ladies Professional Golf Association and the Professional Golfers’ Association. Beyond just teaching and playing golf, the organization also provides a space and outlet for people to network.

“I enjoy connecting with people, sharing my story,” Receski says. “Time and again it turns out we have similar circumstances and naturally relate to one another.”

What’s Receski’s advice to other women in business? Learn how to play a round of golf.

“I firmly believe that second to education, golf is the most important tool one can have in their toolbelt. Golf will help you grow your business. It is also a great way to get fresh air, exercise, experience camaraderie and foster relationships — both professional and personal.”

The best advice Receski has ever received is to “Start each day stating what you are grateful for.”

“Your focus is then on how many wonderful feelings, people and things there are in your life,” she says. “The universe then answers with more of the same — all positive! We manifest our own reality.”

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