Women & Business Profile: Helena Rados Derr

“Incorporate others, as great results were never achieved by one person alone. Learn, listen and then learn more every day.”

211231 Pghmag Wb Helenderr Dsc 1554rsHelena Rados Derr
Chief Operating Officer
Stewart Capital Advisors

Helena Rados Derr considers many places her hometown. Born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rados Derr arrived in Pittsburgh as a refugee in1999 before moving to Indiana, Pa., where she became a naturalized citizen.

After graduating college, Rados Derr became immersed in the banking industry. She began as an investment research analyst for S&T Wealth Management and advanced her career by taking advantage of opportunities that arose. When Stewart Capital Advisors (SCA) emerged as an institutional investment advisor and subsidiary of S&T Bank, Rados Derr progressively advanced through the company, becoming a senior portfolio manager. She then took a position as an S&T Wealth Management trust investment manager. Due to the retirement of her mentor and colleague, she returned to Stewart Capital Advisors, in her current role as chief operating officer.

As COO, Rados Derr oversees operations and administration for Stewart Capital Advisors, which manages approximately  $1.3 billion in assets. She also works closely with the firm’s compliance, marketing, and sales teams. “When thinking about my obligation to the company, I like to challenge the status quo by reinforcing why we do what we do, not just how and what we do.”

Rados Derr’s accomplishments extend beyond those at SCA. She received an MBA with a concentration in finance. Alongside her professors, her econometrics research was published in the Applied Financial Economics Journal. Now, Rados Derr uses her platform to inspire others to become more confident to achieve their own goals. Watching others succeed has become the biggest reward of her job, something she attributes to the journey that brought her to her current role as COO. “Helping others has been a strong pillar of the bank, and it has been a strong pillar of who I am. As someone from humble beginnings, I can relate to non-linear roads that most of us face.”

What is Rados Derr’s advice for other women in business? “Always be respectful to people with differing opinions and invite them to explain their why. Incorporate others, as great results were never achieved by one person alone. Learn, listen and then learn more every day.”

What’s the best advice she’s ever received? “Take opportunities as they present themselves. Be visible in a way that you can offer solutions but ask for what you need to grow.”

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