The Foodture Is Now

After a brief closure, a rebranded Back to the Foodture is back in business in Uptown.


In July, Eddie Barnz and Angel Magwood closed both of their popular Back to the Foodture restaurants. 

Universal Studios, the Hollywood powerhouse that released “Back to the Future” in 1985, threatened legal action if they didn’t change the name and logo. 

Not wanting to start a beef with Biff, they took a bow. But now they’re back — and they didn’t need a flux capacitor to get there.

The Foodture, their McFly-free zone at 1014 Fifth Ave. in Uptown, opened on Aug. 26 with a scaled back menu. The East Carson Street space in the SouthSide Works will remain closed, but Barnz and Magwood are searching the Monroeville area for a new spot to be run by their childhood friend David Dennison.

Known for over-the-top burgers and wings, the concept will still serve as a pop culture museum with hundreds of retro toys and electronics on display. However, management nixed all “Back to the Future” and celebrity-inspired food items from the menu.

So long, Snoop Dogg, you delicious, bacon-wrapped hot dog with cheese and 24K Sauce!

Magwood says the bare-bones menu will gradually grow as their staff does. Right now, The Foodture has a few appetizers, various French fry baskets and wings by the half-dozen and dozen. 

I first interviewed Barnz and Magwood shortly after they debuted their original site in Pitcairn. Back then they had 76 flavors of wings, 15 varieties of fries and burgers so big they could disrupt the space-time continuum. 

It was a go-to destination for competitive eaters. Folks even had to sign a waiver before attempting the Life After Death Hot Wing Challenge. Magwood’s Carolina Reaper Sauce is killer. 

I failed to finish the Buggie Burger, a pair of beef patties topped with a fried egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayo and served between two grilled cheese sandwiches. I hung my head in shame as the guy next to me destroyed the Ready to Die Burger Combo, a 5 1/2-pound burger, fries and a drink. He polished it off in less than 30 minutes, earning him a death certificate and $10 off his next meal. 

Do you even need another meal after consuming a 5-pound burger? Great Scott! 

Within a few years, the eatery grew into an empire with two locations, 150 wing flavors, 16 types of grilled cheese sandwiches and more than a dozen hot dogs.

The Foodture doesn’t feature food challenges or a menu the thickness of a phonebook (remember those?), but they’re rolling out a new cocktail menu soon. 

This fall, the couple will launch Barnzy’s, a line of potato chips. By next summer, they hope to have their own food truck that won’t require 1.21 gigawatts to run.

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