Outdoor Dining Returns to Allegheny County on Friday

Customers also will be allowed to order alcoholic drinks with their meals. The ban on indoor dining is extended for two more weeks.


Allegheny County Health Director Dr. Debra Bogen announced late Wednesday the easing of some restrictions put into place June 30 and July 2 to stem a surge of COVID-19 cases. The ban on outdoor restaurant dining will be lifted on Friday and customers will be allowed to order a maximum of three alcoholic drinks with their meals.

Restaurants must adhere to state guidelines which include maximum occupancy limits, bar seating outdoors is prohibited and every customer must be seated at a table. Indoor areas must be closed to customers except for through-traffic.

There is a ban on tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. Outdoor dining must end by 11 p.m. but takeout and delivery service may continue after that.

The ban on indoor dining and alcohol consumption at bars, indoor restaurant areas, or any other businesses is extended for another two weeks.

Events and gatherings of more than 25 persons indoors and more than 50 persons outdoors in Allegheny County are prohibited.

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