How are Restaurants Doing with Pandemic Regulations?

For the most part, they are doing a “great job” according to the Allegheny County Health Department.


The reviews are mostly positive after more than a week of inspections by the Allegheny County Health Department’s COVID Field Response Team at bars, restaurants and other places that serve food.

Of the 350 bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, and grocery and convenience stores inspected, 87% received all-satisfactory reports. Thirteen percent had at least one item to address, and in most cases, it was the only one item. The most common issues were staff not wearing masks or the number of people exceeding the 25% seating capacity limit.

“The team members report back that the vast majority of bars and restaurants, big and small, are doing a great job following the safety measures,” said County Health Director Dr. Debra Bogen during a news conference.

The results of the reviews are posted on the Allegheny County Health Department website. Those not in complete compliance can be reviewed again at a later date.

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