Fall HOME: The Maker Issue

If you take anything away from it — besides some awesome home inspiration — I hope that it’s to pursue your passion.

Choosing a career in the arts isn’t an easy decision — something I know from experience. When I decided in college to major in journalism, I frequently heard that I wouldn’t be able to find a job, that writing was an unstable industry. My own dad briefly encouraged me to pursue pharmacy, something that — considering my ineptitude in chemistry — wouldn’t have been a good fit.

I didn’t listen to the naysayers — and I’ve never regretted it. Spoiler alert: I also found a job. I count myself lucky that I’m able to make a living doing something I love.

Nurtured by Pittsburgh’s increasingly maker-friendly environment, the local artisans featured in Making it Happen also are living their passion. You’ll be blown away by the talents of painter Mia Tarducci, ceramicist Andrew Jowdy Collins and woodworker John Malecki. The piece also features amazing photos by Elan Mizrahi.

In fact, the portraits were so fantastic we had trouble choosing just one for the cover — so we did two. While Tarducci’s face will grace newsstands, subscribers will receive issues with Collins on the cover. You can catch Malecki’s portrait online.

A playful sign hanging in Malecki’s studio says “Punch Today in the Face.” These artisans are all (metaphorically, of course) doing just that to any naysayers.

Passion also led Tom and Heather Papinchak down an unexpected path. While Tom is a former home builder, Heather once operated a daycare. When they discovered two summer homes by Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice Peter Berndtson on the property adjacent to their own in the Laurel Highlands, they made it their mission to preserve the buildings. After acquiring an endangered Wright-designed home, they decided to open Polymath Park to the public in 2007. They recently added Mantyla, another Usonian-style, Wright-designed home, to the property.

I can’t end this without mentioning another creative type, Steve Ford. The star, alongside sister Leanne Ford, of HGTV’s “Restored By the Fords” lets us inside his industrial chic warehouse in “My Favorite Room.”

With this type of lineup, we’re calling fall HOME “The Maker Issue.” And If you take anything away from it — besides some awesome home inspiration — I hope that it’s to pursue your passion. Now go (metaphorically!) punch today in the face.




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