What Are Our New Year’s Resolutions for Pittsburgh?

We’re ready for a new year in the Steel City, and we’ve been thinking about positive changes we’d like to see.

Restroom Public1

Increase the number of public restrooms Downtown. — Richard Cook, Director of Digital Media

We need to be kinder, more patient drivers — and we all need to accept that the zipper merge is always best. – Lauren Davidson, Associate Editor

If trees in the city are being trimmed indiscriminately, companies clearing branches away from utility lines should hire an arborist to give advice first. And landscapers should have botanists help decide what plants are OK to trim and what should be left alone. – Betty Yee Yates, Prepress Manager

PennDOT, complete the Route 28 Highland Park interchange project — PLEASE! – Virginia Linn, Editor

I would love the city to have a comprehensive recycling program in place, with one-stop drop-off locations for everything — glass, plastic, aluminum, scrap metal, textiles, electronics, etc. – Mary Louise Dattilo, Former Office Manager

Open a bar for queer women called Lesbyinz. – Kristy Locklin, Food Editor

Schedule many more bridge inspections — and repairs. – Betsy Benson, Publisher & Vice President

Forgive me for getting grumpy, but we need to redd up around here! Too many corners and street areas are left to gather debris and trash; not only is it an eyesore, but it poses a problem for those with mobility issues. Perhaps a city-funded, adopt-a-block program to keep things looking a bit nicer? – SEAN COLLIER, Managing Editor

I’d like a replacement for the fear-inducing escalator at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium. Something about the combination of a steep angle, an enclosed roof and slanted windows gives me vertigo. A few landings on the escalator (or just more elevators) would be nice! – Jessica Sinichak, HOME Editor

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