The Ultimate Field Guide to Cook Forest

If you’re looking for a grand wilderness to discover, Cook Forest State Park is just a short drive away. Stay for the day, or set up for a long haul with this guide to hiking, biking, camping and more.

Log Cabin 01
The Sites, The River and Getting There

Cook Forest State Park is a grand wilderness waiting to be discovered, whether you’re looking to set up for the day or a long haul.

Cb Cook Forest Trail1Take a Hike and Happy Trails

With 50-plus miles of hiking and multi-use trails, Cook Forest State Park is a dream for fit backpackers and casual walkers alike. Some hikes are easy, but most would be rated as moderately strenuous with frequent elevation dips and rocky footing.

Cb Cook Forest HumphreyBackpacking, Wildlife, Canoe & Kayaking, Fishing and Puppy Trails

Keep these gear-packing tips in mind when planning that camping trip.

CampfireOvernight Camping

So you want to go camping? Here are 20 camping essentials to make room for in your backpack, bikepack or car trunk.

Campsite2Guide to Glamping

To make the other campers jealous, pack a few of these glamping essentials.
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