The Season of Thanks and Giving

Blood Science Foundation asks you to give from the heart.

With the holidays quickly approaching, families that gather around the Thanksgiving table will pause to recognize their many blessings. Then comes the season of giving – shopping, colorful packages and brightly lit trees.

Imagine giving a gift that cannot be bought, one that changes the course of a stranger’s life – a grandfather fighting cancer, or a young girl battling a crippling disease.

Across our region, people of all ages rely on blood transfusions. That blood is only available through the generosity of donors, but not everyone can donate blood.

Through fundraising and public education efforts, Blood Science Foundation supports the life-saving mission of Vitalant (formerly Central Blood Bank) – to provide a safe, adequate blood supply to its hospital and health care partners.

Blood donations have decreased dramatically across the region over the past decade. In the last year, local blood donors provided less than half the blood needed by hospitals supported by Vitalant in the region. To make up for the shortfall, Vitalant imports blood from elsewhere, costing millions of dollars each year. Funds raised by Blood Science Foundation help offset the costs to purchase that missing blood.

Blood Science Foundation also funds critical research. In the last decade, the organization provided $20 million to some of the area’s top universities and hospitals so that they could perform vital studies aimed at curing blood-related diseases or improving the safety of blood transfusions. In addition, the money raised by the foundation funds scholarships for high schools that host blood drives.

This holiday season, consider giving a gift that can truly save lives. Consider a monetary donation to the Blood Science Foundation. Visit to learn more and make a contribution.

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