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The movies that are playing in Pittsburgh –– and, more importantly, whether or not they’re worth your time.

Movie Review: Missing

This computer-screen thriller makes good use of its gimmick and provides a twisty, enjoyable mystery.

Movie Review: The Drop

Hulu's dark comedy starts with a baby fumble, but quickly explores the quirks of middle-aged Millennials.

The Top 10 Films of 2022

It was a year of creativity and surprises at the cinema, but one movie took the throne early and held it all year long.

Movie Review: The Whale

Brendan Fraser is remarkable, but director Darren Aronofsky holds “The Whale” back from greatness.

Movie Review: Nanny

Those in search of a streaming pick should seek out the effective, haunting directorial debut from Nikyatu Jusu.

Movie Review: Violent Night

For those who like their holiday movies a little more “Die Hard,” there’s an entertaining (if bloody) new yuletide action flick starring David Harbour as Santa Claus.

Movie Review: The Menu

Foodies beware — a sinister evening is in store for Ralph Fiennes’ guests in this darkly comic thriller.

Movie Review: Amsterdam

Filmmaker David O. Russell returns to the multiplex with a star-studded movie that's just kind of there.

Movie Review: Blonde

Marilyn Monroe deserved a filmmaker who understood (or at least respected) her, not this misfire of a biopic.

Movie Review: Pearl

The near-instant sequel to the slasher film “X” is an intriguing, fresh origin story.

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