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The movies that are playing in Pittsburgh –– and, more importantly, whether or not they’re worth your time.

Movie Review: Amsterdam

Filmmaker David O. Russell returns to the multiplex with a star-studded movie that's just kind of there.

Movie Review: Blonde

Marilyn Monroe deserved a filmmaker who understood (or at least respected) her, not this misfire of a biopic.

Movie Review: Pearl

The near-instant sequel to the slasher film “X” is an intriguing, fresh origin story.

Movie Review: Pinocchio

Director Robert Zemeckis captures a bit of iconic Disney magic with this update to the classic tale.

Movie Review: Clerks III

The Clerks are back, but reality is catching up to them in Kevin Smith's latest self-referential comedy.

Movie Review: Day Shift

Jamie Foxx may be the protagonist of this vampire hunt, but he's easily outmatched by a hip-hop legend.

Movie Review: Thirteen Lives

It must've been tough rescuing those kids from that cave. It's certainly tough to get through the movie about the incident.

Movie Review: Vengeance

Longtime television fixture B.J. Novak has promise as a writer/director, but this dark comedy never quite comes together.

Movie Review: 'Nope'

Is it science fiction? Horror? A western? However you categorize Jordan Peele's latest, it's remarkable.

Movie Review: Elvis

The madcap biopic of the music legend is overwhelming, but a cut above most of its peers.

Movie Review: Hustle

While only a must-watch for NBA fans, the basketball drama is an easily compelling sports flick.

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