Readers’ Poll Winners: Drinks and Beverages

Beer, wine, to-go cocktails, coffee and tea –– what readers say are the best in Pittsburgh.
Tupelo Honey Jul21


Tea Shop: Tupelo Honey Teas

Why Are You the Best of the ’Burgh?
“We make tea approachable, which was my whole concept. We want people to understand that you don’t need the white gloves, you don’t need the high tea, you don’t need all of the frills to go with it. We house-blend a lot of teas. That’s one of the things that I was really passionate about getting into the business — learning how to combine herbs and spices and tea to create really great blends that not only taste good, but also serve a purpose for your body. Aside from Tupelo, there are, I believe, five other dedicated tea shops that do nothing but tea in Pittsburgh — and when you look at other cities, that’s not a lot of tea. Pittsburgh is a very unique space for tea culture. [But] I really love it — and I love being here in Pittsburgh and serving this drink alongside other people who also do the same wonderful things. I hope that as the tea trade grows, that Pittsburghers embrace it and start to love it.”
— Danielle Spinola, Owner

211 Grant Ave., Millvale, 412/821-0832,

Wiglewhiskey Jul21


Local Distillery: Wigle Whiskey Distillery

Insider tip: A visit to Wigle Whiskey’s Spring Hill Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden offers an opportunity to stop in at the distillery’s sister business. It’s just a short walk to Threadbare Cider and Mead, where you’ll find a wide range of fermented beverages and excellent pizza.
— Hal B. Klein

To-Go Cocktails: The Porch

Insider tip: Local sourcing is incorporated into the ethos at The Porch. The Porch at Schenley sports a rooftop garden, and the restaurant duo’s parent organization, Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, employs a full-time director of sourcing and sustainability.
— Hal B. Klein

Beer Distributor
Duffy’s Beer & Much More

Local Brewery/Microbrewery
Grist House Craft Brewery

Local Coffee Shop
The Coffee Tree Roasters

Restaurant Take-Out Beer Selection
D’s Six Pax & Dogz

Wine Shop/Wineries
The Pennsylvania Market


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