Pittsburgh’s New Hotspot for Wedding Photos

Check out why Kimpton Hotel Monaco’s rooftop has become the go-to location for Pittsburgh newlyweds.


High above the Central Business District, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco is seeing an increase in newlyweds sharing a romantic moment on its rooftop. Whether you get married there or not, with Pittsburgh’s skyline as the backdrop, the “bright and airy” space makes for an ideal photo op.


Courtney Harriger married Jeffrey Grudzinski in Heinz Memorial Chapel in Oakland in April 2019 and then moved to Hotel Monaco for their reception.

Originally, Courtney looked for photo opportunities indoors because she felt the interior had a more intimate feel that fit the couple’s style. Taking pictures on the rooftop did not cross Courtney’s mind until her photographer and videographer suggested it on the day of. It was a suggestion she is now grateful for.

“I think every angle that you are at is surrounded by the city skyline and the building itself,” says Courtney. “They have nice lighting over top of the roof and even the art deco building gives it a different feel as well… It was really nice and a special view.”

Heidi Cain and Tom Sochacki married in St. Mary of the Mount in Mt. Washington and celebrated post-ceremony in the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland in April.

Originally, the pair toured the hotel’s interior and rooftop as a part of their search for a possible wedding venue. After their walkthrough, they decided not to use it as a venue, but they instead booked two suites for the wedding party to get ready in on the morning of.

Heidi lucked out and was able to use the Emperor’s Suite, which included access to the rooftop.

Despite loving the interior of the hotel for its “neat architectural design, furniture and beautiful decorating,” Heidi and Tom opted for the roof for their first look and portraits.

“You can tell you are a couple of stories up because of the clear railing… It is bright and airy and I wanted something outside instead of inside so it was perfect,” says Heidi.

For those who do not book with the hotel in any manner for their wedding, the rooftop space can be rented — pricing starts at $200. According to Christina Paonessa, Hotel Monaco’s area public relations specialist, a couple can schedule a time on their wedding day for a photo op, in which the hotel has seen an increase in the past couple of years.

Hotel Monaco also offers a customizable proposal package starting at $200 for the use of space due to the increase in engagements that have taken place on the rooftop in the past few years. Extra fees may be added depending on the florals, lighting and other decorations used.

“I think it probably has just caught on once just one couple did it thanks to social media. People saw it and wanted the background as well. There are not a lot of rooftops to get that skyline in a picture… It is kind of one of a kind as far as photo opportunities go,’ says Paonessa.

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