How Allegheny Health Network is Keeping You Safe

AHN is prepared to treat all your health care needs — and our concern for the safety of our patients never falters.

The AHN family recognizes that you or your loved ones may be avoiding hospitals for routine care and even emergency care due to the fear of contracting COVID-19. While we certainly understand your worries and concerns, we want to stress the importance of preventative health care and, more importantly, the serious consequences that can result when you ignore life-threatening conditions.

Please be assured that we are prepared to treat all your health care needs—and our concern for the safety of our patients never falters.

Our hospitals and outpatient clinics are the safest places in which to be cared for, now, and in the future. We’re taking every precaution and implementing new safety measures for infection control, physical distancing and testing capabilities. We’re confident these are practices that protect patients, their families and those who serve them.

Your health care safety is part of our mission—and we want you to feel comfortable coming back to us for routine wellness checks, surgeries and for any emergency you may experience. We look forward to serving you again.

Ways We Are Increasing Patient Safety Across the Network

Physical distancing

Expedited check-in
Expect quicker check-in and less time spent in the waiting room. Prescreening can be done online or over the phone, along with registration via phone from your car once you arrive.

Less crowded waiting rooms
We’ve removed chairs in order to help patients to remain 6 ft. apart from one another. We are also carefully scheduling appointments to decrease patient traffic and mitigate congestion.

Visual distancing markers
Our hospitals have installed visual reminders to allow adequate personal space between you and other patients.

Protective gear
Our hospital staff is required to wear face masks at all times. Per state guidelines, patients must also wear protective face coverings in public spaces. Cloth masks are acceptable, as long as they cover your nose and mouth.

Safe visitation policies
We understand the comfort of family and friends is important to our patients—whether here for a quick procedure or extended stay. Currently, we still have some visitor restrictions in place to keep our patients as safe as possible. Please know our clinical teams are meeting regularly and updating our policy to reflect the most current conditions.

Cleaning & sanitizing

Around-the-clock disinfecting
We’ve ramped up our cleaning and disinfecting efforts—especially inpatient environments—and only use hospital-grade approved cleaning supplies.

Smarter scheduling
By scheduling more time between appointments, we’re able to conduct thorough cleanings of exam rooms after each and every patient. Time is allotted to allow surfaces to dry and rooms to “breathe.”

Plexiglass barriers
As an additional line of protection where close contact is unavoidable, clear plexiglass partitions have been strategically placed in certain reception areas and other patient touchpoints.

We’re here for your health
Since there is no end date for the virus, it’s important that you feel comfortable keeping medical appointments, visiting specialists, and coming to the hospital in the event of a health care emergency.

Like always, early detection and treatment improves our ability to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective care. To schedule an appointment, call 412-DOCTORS.

*Not every location has implemented these procedures.