From Storage to Style: Andy Weier Shares Tips to Liven Up Your Guest Bedroom

The interior designer recently rehabbed the guest bedroom in his own home, turning it into a colorful, comfortable space.
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Guest rooms can easily be forgotten in the home, becoming a cluttered storage space for old belongings and broken furniture — but it doesn’t have to be. 

Andy Weier, an interior designer at Pittsburgh-based Rockledge Design & Architecture, recently created a colorful and inviting guest bedroom that maximizes space. He shared his tips for turning a guest room from an “afterthought” to a personal destination of style and comfort. 

Styling the guest room with his husband, Patrick, Weier says the pair wanted to challenge themselves by creating a space that didn’t feel sterile or bland. The result is a room that blends a contemporary feel with retro elements, attracting guests with geometrical designs and playful pops of color. 

“We also thought it would be fun to almost ‘reclaim’ the color pink for adults, and show how it could be used in a bedroom in a really sophisticated and elevated way that didn’t come across as juvenile,” Weier says. 

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For Weier, color is a transformative tool that can bring emotion and atmosphere to any room. Although the endless possibilities of color palettes may intimidate some homeowners, Weier recommends simply choosing a color that brings joy. 

“It’s important to keep in mind that almost nothing is permanent, and your home should be all about self expression,” he says. 

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To make the bold room feel welcoming, the duo decided to try something different; instead of making the bed the focal point, they designed the space from a guest’s point of view. 

Instead of just focusing on the view from the door – simply hanging some great piece of art over the bed – we decided to spread the love all around the room with multiple vignettes you could take in,” Weier says. 

Weier believes a guest bedroom should provide friends and family members with the same comforts and necessities that they would find in their own homes. Along with quality bedding and pillows, small items such as plants, candles, and books can elevate an overnight experience. 

“I also like to put some more unique elements in there to show your guest you’ve really been thoughtful about creating a hotel-like experience for them,” Weier says. 

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With limited space in some guest bedrooms, Weier says to try nontraditional solutions and minimize bulky furniture. In his project, Weier incorporated hanging light fixtures and a small bedside table to save space. 

“Wall-mounted nightstands, or headboards with built-in storage components can also be great space savers,” he says. “Find a bed that has drawers or added linen storage underneath.” 

If you’re looking to spruce up your own guest bedroom, Weier recommends spending a night in the room yourself. If you think that something is missing or uncomfortable, your guests probably feel the same.

“Really challenge yourself to stay in there all night and make a list of what you could add to improve the experience,” he says.

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