Enjoy an Immersive Experience at the National Aviary

Whether you’re missing your favorite birds or planning a first visit, the National Aviary is ready for you.

Visitors at the one and only National Aviary can get close to a colony of African Penguins, peek in on a new Victoria Crowned Pigeon chick, and relax in the quiet surrounds of the newly renovated Grasslands habitat.

New Beginnings

Ongoing individual support is helping the National Aviary’s dedicated team continue caring for birds like penguin Dottie. She and her mate, Stanley, are back at Penguin Point after several months in the ICU while Dottie recovered from pneumonia.

The National Aviary has also welcomed new life, including an adorable Victoria Crowned Pigeon in the Tropical Rainforest, and an Extinct-in-the-Wild Guam Kingfisher chick.

New Experiences

Visitors can immerse themselves in lush habitats with new daily activities, such as watching a dedicated team care for their flock: feeding birds, maintaining habitats, and providing veterinary care. Get even closer during the experience of a lifetime-an encounter!

National Aviary Welcomes You Back

With new extended hours, a new online booking system to buy timed tickets, and an expanded list of safety protocols, the National Aviary is a great Pittsburgh destination, seven days a week!

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Visit Today

This is still a vital time for the National Aviary, as they continue providing high levels of care to more than 550 birds and mammals. Through purchasing tickets or making donations, you help them succeed. Visit aviary.org.

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