December 2019

After marking our 50th anniversary in 2019, It’s only fitting that we end the year looking forward instead of back.

December wraps up our celebration of 50 years serving the Pittsburgh community. We’ve spent a large part of 2019 looking back through the decades since the magazine began, and it’s been eye-opening.

We started the year honoring the 50 Greatest Pittsburghers of All Time; pulling that list together reminded us of the many people who have improved our region — and the world — and even introduced us to some people whose contributions should not be forgotten. In February, Hal B. Klein reminded us of a culinary part of Pittsburgh’s history that deserves a place in the present — the Turkey Devonshire.

We also delved into the past this year with features on the Pirates last World Series, Pittsburgh’s role in the space race, the legacy of Jonny Gammage and the other Pittsburgh institutions celebrating golden anniversaries.

Add in monthly columns by Rick Sebak and Sean Collier’s Our 50 Years, which perused our archives for flashbacks into the magazine’s early days, and history has clearly been a focus this year. But we also wanted to show that 50 years in business have given us some insights into the city. In March, we asked How Well Do You Know Pittsburgh? And in November, we gave you 101 Things Every Real Pittsburgher Must Do.

It’s only fitting that we end the year looking forward instead of back. Our cover story on Pittsburgh’s Tomorrow looks at the opportunities and challenges we face and asks what kind of city we want to be.

It’s a question we ask at Pittsburgh Magazine, too. What should we be doing to celebrate, challenge and explore our region? As local media continues to downsize, our vision for 2020 is to be a dependable and growing source of news and entertainment as well as a guide to the best Pittsburgh has to offer. If you subscribe to the magazine or our 412 e-newsletter, you know we share stories monthly — and daily — that keep you up to date with our region and its people. More is to come.

We have some surprises we will unveil in January, but one thing you can count on is that we take our commitment to Pittsburgh seriously — even when we are having fun — as we enter our next 50 years.

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