COVID-19 Increases Demand for Medical Cannabis

Six new medical cannabis dispensaries to open in Pennsylvania, three of them in the Pittsburgh area.


It may not come as a surprise, but the demand and usage for medical cannabis has increased since the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic has coincided with a spike in anxiety symptoms brought on by periods of isolation and increased worries for the wellbeing of ourselves and loved ones combined with financial stress and uncertainty. Anxiety is one of 23 medical conditions that qualify for a medical cannabis certification.

Pittsburgh’s The Healing Center is adapting to the increased demand by opening six more dispensaries throughout the state. The Healing Center purchased a 50% equity interest in Agronomed Biologics, which gave it the opportunity for expansion. The Healing Center currently has three dispensary locations in Monroeville, Washington, and Cranberry. 

Chris Kohan, CEO of The Healing Center, said that the first new location will be constructed in Chester County, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times. Chester is where Agronomed Biologics is based. Three other dispensaries will be located in southwestern Pennsylvania and two will be in the southeast part of the state. One confirmed location will be in Robinson Township.

Agronomed Biologics is also part of a collaborative research initiative with Drexel University College of Medicine.

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