Yinzer Cards offer a Steel City Spin on Love

What says “I Love You” more than Donnie Iris?


Shopping for a Valentine’s Day card can be stressful, especially when the wording and imagery can determine the mood for the rest of the day. Love is a tricky game to play, so why not inject some of the DahnTahn culture into your romance?

Yinzer Cards has released its new line of Valentine’s day cards, injecting humor into the holiday. Each card speaks the language of a true “Stillers fan” by using the slang of Pittsburgh natives.

The cards were created by the minds of comedian Jim Krenn and radio host Larry Richert, featuring art from cartoonist Rob Rogers. The group has designed Yinzer themed greeting cards since 2018, but this will be their first Valentine’s Day themed set.

“They are not exactly your grandmother’s Valentine greeting card or candy,” Krenn tells the Tribune Review. “We wanted to strike a more casual and fun tone with a new kind of card.”

The group also created Yinzer Bars, chocolate bars that feature Franco Harris’ Immaculate Reception and the Duquesne Incline. A portion of the sales are donated to the Spenser’s Voice Fund, which helps battle drug abuse in young adults in the Pittsburgh area. The cards cost $4.99 each, with a portion of the sales being donated towards Animal Friends.  

The Yinzer Cards and Yinzer Bars are available at Giant Eagle, Market District and Hallmark stores. They can also be ordered online at the Yinzer Card website

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